Skydio X2

Skydio changed how a drone could be flown when they released their advanced autonomous drone, the Skydio 2. Now the company is breaking into the commercial market with the new Skydio X2. The industrial design of the X2 makes this drone an excellent choice for government agencies, the military, and a host of other applications. Its foldable design is a first for the company, which allows this drone to be packed up and taken anywhere you desire.

The Skydio X2 can turn anyone into a seasoned drone pilot with the use of Skydio artificial intelligence. Equipped with the advanced FLIR Boson sensor and 360 Superzoom allows you to get closer, fly further, and see even during the darkest nights. In addition to the sensors, the X2 also features visible/infrared illuminators, precision GPS, and inertial navigation for night operations. 6-miles of range and 35 minutes of flight time ensures that the Skydio X2 will always deliver.

Key Specs/Features

  • Color Camera: 4K 60 fps with 16x optical zoom
  • Thermal Camera: Flir Boson 320×256
  • 360 Superzoom with 100x optical zoom)
  • Max Flight Speed: Unknown
  • Max Flight Time: 35-minutes
  • Notable Features: Enterprise controller, foldable design, 6-mile range, visible/IR illuminators. 

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Skydio X2
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