Flyabilty Elios 2

Flyability changed the way drones can be used with the original Elios that was designed for indoor inspections. With the Flyabilty Elios 2, the company has built upon that success and created their most advanced drone to date. Its unique configuration features a spherical cage that encases the entire payload. Its overall dimensions are just under 40 cm (15.7 inches), it will fit into just about any space. The robust transmission system works beyond line of sight, which means concrete walls, steel structures, and other obstacles will not interfere with the inspection.

During certain inspections, such as those that take place in tight spaces like boiler rooms or nuclear reactors, collisions are unavoidable. These are also spaces where in-person inspections can be extremely dangerous. The Elios 2 was created to make these types of inspections safer for people, by removing the need for a person to physically review a tight, dangerous space. A dual-sensor consisting of a thermal and 4K camera can identify even the smallest cracks. The dustproof 10K lumen lighting system is the most powerful lighting system ever used on a commercial drone. Using the oblique lighting technique allows inspectors to identify textures and find even the smallest discrepancies.

Key Specs/Features

  • Camera Resolution: 12 megapixels
  • Dual thermal and 4K camera system
  • Collision tolerant—the Elios can withstand collisions and continue flying (this is what it’s known for!)
  • Cutting edge wireless communication with live video feedback
  • 10k Lumen dustproof lighting system with oblique lighting
  • GPS-Free stabilization with Distance-Lock for precision inspection
  • Full HD live streaming
  • Max Flight Time: Up to 10 minutes
  • Max speed: Up to 6.5 m/s (14.5 mph)
  • Notable Attributes: Beyond line of sight, capabilities can be extended via range extender


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Flyabilty Elios 2
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