DJI Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 2 is a top-of-the-line drone that has become a favorite among aerial cinematographers who are looking for Hollywood camera quality in a relatively small package. Its sleek design, intelligent sensors, and premium materials make this a great platform for cinematography. Its solid construction features a magnesium-aluminum composite shell and carbon fiber arms that lift to provide an unparalleled 360° view.

The Inspire 2 was built with filmmakers in mind, but it’s advanced camera sensors and Cinecore 2.0 image processing system makes it ideal for anyone who wants that perfect cinematic shot. The 2-axis FPV camera allows drone pilots to see what’s ahead while simultaneously recording with the main camera in the opposite direction. Not only is it capable of running two cameras, but it also has a dual IMU’s, Barometers, and a dual self-heating battery system. There are simply too many features to list them all, but this drone will handle anything thrown its way.

Key Specs/Features

  • Still Image Resolution: 20 – 24 megapixels*
  • Video Resolution: H.264/H.265 100 Mbps bitrate, 4K/60 FPS, 5.2K/30 FPS, 6K/30 FPS**
  • Max Flight Time: 23-27 minutes***
  • Max Speed: 58 mph (94 kph)
  • Notable Attributes: Interchangeable camera gimbals, live streaming, intelligent flight modes, FPV camera, heated dual battery system, Apple ProRes, Cinema DNG

* Still image resolution varies based on what camera gimbal is equipped.
** Video resolution varies based on what camera gimbal/image processing system is equipped.
*** Max flight time varies based on what camera gimbal is equipped.


These extra parts are available and many more are available from DJI.

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DJI Inspire 2
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