Autel EVO II Series

With a price point starting at $2500, the newly released Autel Evo II Series is a serious contender in the increasingly competitive foldable drone segment. The Autel Evo II Drones pack some serious hardware under their bright orange shells. With 40-minutes of flight time, it also has the longest flight time of any prosumer drone offered on the market.

A unique feature with the EVO II  is the ability to change out the gimbal payload. It can be equipped with an 8K sensor, 6K Pro Sensor, or a Dual sensor that combines an 8K sensor with a thermal sensor. The ability to alternate sensors is unheard of in the consumer/prosumer drone market. With 12 advanced omnidirectional computer vision sensors, the drone can easily navigate the most challenging environments while focusing on the task.

Key Specs/Features

  • Still Image Resolution: 48 megapixels*
  • Video Resolution: Up to 8K*
  • Max Flight Time: 40-minutes
  • Max Flight Speed: 45 mph (72 kph)
  • Notable Attributes: Interchangeable gimbals, thermal sensor option, 5.5-mile transmission range (9 km), HDR video, built-in landing lights, intelligent flight modes.

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Autel Evo II Series
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